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photo by Paul Carter

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Richard Crandell is a veteran musician who has been composing and performing music for the mbira for the past seven years. Pronounced "mm-beer-a", this sacred instrument of Zimbabwe has keys made from spring steel and produces a unique sound.
February 28, 2008
10:00 p.m.
Corner of Avenue C & Second Street
New York City
Mbira magic

March 1, 2008
Brussels, Belgium

March 2-3-4, 2008
Paris, France

March 16, 2008
2:00 p.m.
Junction City, Oregon

June 7, 2008
10:00 AM
Eugene, Oregon

July 12th, 2008
11:15 AM
Oregon Country Fair, Hoarse Chorale Stage

July 13th, 2008
11:15 AM
Oregon Country Fair, Shady Grove Stage

August 8th ,2008
time tba
The Bite of Oregon
Portland, Oregon

September 13th, 2008
1 PM
Cozmic Pizza
Eugene Celebration
Eugene, Oregon

November 8, 2008
10 A.M
Saturday Market
Eugene, Oregon

November 23, 2008
Holiday Market
Main Stage

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maybe i can finally muster the courage to bare my soul...

here we are on april 16 and i'm trying to figure out how to calm the world with my little instrument...

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12/12/06 Richard jams with Stanton Moore at the WOW hall! In this rare live performance, Richard and Stanton (with Brian Coogan and Will Bernard) pay tribute the Zimbabwean songwriter and activist Thomas Mapfumo. Listen closely as Richard takes his unusual Mbira style to a new level by turning the instrument into an amplified woodblock and playing with his knuckles. Download the track from here:

Richard's acclaimed guitar album "One on One" is now available for download on This new music site does a lot to help out the artists and connect musicians with fans. You can listen, rate songs and download - knowing that 75% of your money goes directly to the artist. This is a great opportunity to support Richard's music. Check out "One on One" here:


1. Mbira Magic takes #2 spot in the top 10 albums of 2004 in the Washington Post.
by Mark Jenkins
"Using a modified version of a traditional Zimbabwean instrument, this veteran upstate New York composer plays ringing, rippling improvisations that evoke Bali, the Andes, and Mozart."
December 30, 2004

2."Mbira Magic, is a testament to the ideal of liberation through restriction."
by Liam Singer at

3. "Mbira Magic offers a fresh reflection on the great tradition of this ancient and simple instrument, but also on its endless possibilities in the hands of a mature musician like Crandell."
By Eyal Hareuveni at

" If I could afford to take off and float endlessly on a river somewhere in the tropics, I would definitely want this playing on my headphones."
By Rob Hatch-Miller at

5. "Crandell's tightly designed and salubriously executed works are an absolute wonder, primarily because they're so damned beautiful to listen to....Crandell manages to sidestep both cliché and obviousness by exploring variable timbres, tunings, and tendencies."
by Darren Bergstein - The Squid's Ear

Samples from Mbira Magic:
Steelhead [928k VBR Mp3| Mono | 1:13]
Double dose [845k VBR Mp3 | Mono | 1:15]
Bells [819k VBR Mp3| Mono | 1:10]
Eleven [11MB 128 kbps Mp3| Stereo | 11:47]

Live at the High Sierra Music Festival 2005
With Skerick and Synchopated Taint Septet
[2.3MB VBR Mp3| Mono | 3:11]

Mbira Magic featured on Austrailian Radio National's "The Planet"
A sample from the show
[829k 96kbps Mp3 | Mono | 1:10]
Playlist and show summary from Radio National


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Richard Crandell



Richard's 65th birthday at tsunami books-march 30th 2008
Eugene, Or

Watch Richard's Segment from OPB's "Oregon Artbeat" :

Download and view quicktime here:
(7 minutes, 49 seconds, 18.5 megabytes)

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Spring Steel

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Mbira Magic
produced by John Zorn

"This is indeed a magic CD. It reminds me of the sound of a waterfall - cascading notes, soothing and calming with subtle variations. The more you listen, the deeper you get drawn in. Great for meditation, massage and making love." —Bill Baars, Portland, Oregon

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One on One

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In The Flower of Our Youth

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High Places

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Oregon Hill

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